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To my brethren in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We who are called as the Elects of Christ Jesus, are called to preach this hope, in that in these days, many will have faith and believe that Christ Jesus shall return in 2018.  For in this hope, we preach grace unto those who knows not, nor understand the meaning of godliness, so that they will be saved, by believing in God, through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We who preach Christ Jesus, we preach not of ourselves, but for Jesus's sake, so that many will have this hope unto salvation through grace, the free gift of everlasting life from God our Father.

For you have now realize that unto this world right now, in as many as you tried to reveal unto this truth, concerning Christ Jesus, there are many people in this world who understand not, and to some, their zeal is unto God, through their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  For these with zeal, let them continue so that their faith and belief will bring others into the grace of God. 

But for those who are well versed in scriptures, show unto these the truth so that they may become wise and teach many other upon this truth.  For you have known, that the full meat of the word is for those who are of age, and unto those who are babes in Christ, they can only understand and drink the milk of the word.

Be then patience with the babes in Christ Jesus, for insomuch that you shall endure with these in the last days, to teach all that they must know, concerning scriptures, so that they can comprehend the meaning of godliness, and to believe in the truth of Christ Jesus.  For you yourself at one time saw this in yourself, but I steadfastly sought you out, by the will of God, so that you also can be called as the Elects of Christ Jesus, and do so likewise as I have, as an example in these last days.

When we have understood all things that are called of us through our faith in Christ Jesus, then we shall even know the days that shall be shorten, to be revealed unto the Elects of Christ Jesus.

All glory unto Christ Jesus for all eternity.