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Grace and love be with you, from Christ Jesus our Lord.

To whom we give glory for all eternity, in Christ Jesus.

According to scriptures, all things have come to pass, so that many people who believe shall have prophecies to build up their faith in God.  For if any prophecy failed as written by the prophets of old, then many people would not believe it is the Word of God.

But with all prophecies, we must understand the meaning behind it, and for what cause.

For according to scriptures, all things are fulfilled by Christ Jesus, so that the things that Christ Jesus did, it was to fulfill scriptures, and you may know that this was also commanded to Pilate.

For according to scriptures, Jesus Christ would rise up on the third day, but in truth, it is Christ Jesus who is crucified and gave up his ghost and returned to the Kingdom of Heaven.  So then what is truth, and why it was needed the third day to be risen up.  For we must know that Christ Jesus never dies, and that no sin can be near to God, but instead, it is Christ Jesus who stands at the doorway, the gatekeeper and calls out to his sheep, and they hear his voice and thus comes.  But because according to scriptures, Jesus Christ was risen up, this passing down into  hell and the third day rose again, so likewise, when people believe in Jesus Christ, it is therefore because of scriptures being fulfilled, that many believe and trust in the promises of God, unto eternal life, and they who believes thus the same will be for they, as they will pass through fire and be saved.

According to scriptures, there are many other things written in the Book of the Law, the Old Testament, that many begins to wonder why a certain event happens or to rather, why prophesy on a small event, rather not a larger one in scale. 

For an example would be the prophecy of Daniel, where the vision was given unto the fulfillment to the very end.  But for a prophecy not having any bones broken and having pierced, and numbered with the transgressor, and if this was to be fulfilled, then why did Pilate done the things he have done, but rather, shall not these things take care of itself?

Because some prophecies are not given to the Prophets, that cometh from God, but from another unknown spirit, and with this, we can see these other prophecies that in essence only is able to come to pass, if revealed by Christ Jesus to do the things necessary to fulfill scriptures, so that people would believe, because they have already believed on the words of the prophet.

Just like in these days, there are still certain scriptures and prophecies that needs to be fulfilled, and I do see the things that needs to be done.  For this, the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached unto the world, and we know that in this world now, no one knows of the truth in Christ Jesus.  For when Christ Jesus revealed unto us this prophecy, many people believe this was referring to the current Gospel, but in truth, it is the mysteries of godliness, and the truth in Christ Jesus, so that many people can be saved, so that many people can see and understand the timeline and events unto the end, when Christ Jesus returns.

Therefore, I beseech you with these many letters, in order that you may know the mysteries that are spoken thereof, and to see, that we who are called, shall know the will of God unto the very end, so that we shall do the things that are required of us to fulfill prophecies.

Now, the time is near, and we must believe earnestly that Christ Jesus is Lord and Saviour.  For once we have rooted ourselves in faith, unto Christ Jesus, we are thereby sealed as the Elects of Christ Jesus, thus, to be able to fulfill prophecies as it is written concerning the parables given of the talents, the ten virgins, the giving of meat in due season, and so many more, but these can only be fulfilled by those who are called and endure unto the very end, when Christ Jesus returns.

This is why, if you can only see the many things that are written of you, concerning the Elects of Christ Jesus, that if you believe and have faith unfeigned, that when you read the scriptures and prophecies concerning you, that your life will be transformed in a way that you can now ever understand, because you will desire to fulfill that prophecy.

Therefore if the prophecy speaks of you giving a sacrifice of thanksgiving in Psalm 116, then therefore you shall know what you will do, and can already foresee into the future, preparing to the utmost against the last half of the tribulation.

In such that many more prophecies which speaks concerning the Elects of Christ Jesus, that is also revealed upon Psalm 117, as the days are to be shorten, and thus we know that this is the shortest Psalm, but also know that it is written also in Matthews, so that we as the Elects of Christ Jesus, must prepare more than enough to ensure that this prophecy will come to pass.  For what cause if you die and did not see this come to pass, therefore the more earnestly, prepare.

Grace be with you.