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According to the grace of God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

To all who are in Christ Jesus our Lord, who are now called upon as the Elects of Christ Jesus.

My fellow brethrens, beloved brothers and sisters, that I write to you with love and faith, unto Christ Jesus our Lord, to whom we shall be with forever more for all eternity.

When we come to love God, it is when we must glorify God with all of our hearts and to reverence his name, which is Christ Jesus the Lord, in whom we love, that the name of the only begotten Son of God is in all glory with all power and is magnified upon the name of Christ Jesus.

My brethrens, before when we were still a child, like me and you, we proclaimed the name of Jesus and that in our hearts, we seek to glorify God, in whom we believed upon, and in that God looks upon our hearts.  For when I was still a child, I thought like a child, being in the flesh I reason that God was born liken unto the flesh so that God can relate to us, and this is by faith that believed so.  For when I was still a child, I believed that God needed to be born like unto a child into a man, so that God can take the place of a man and die for our sins.  By faith, I believed, and now, because I believed in God, that in part, it is true, that indeed, God declared of himself, in Christ, to take the place of a man, to become Christ Jesus our Lord, who indeed took upon the place of a man to die for our sins, and because of this, we can now know the truth in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My fellow Elects of Christ Jesus, we are the chosen people in which shall know of the truth in God, in which we give Glory unto God, in whom we believe upon, that we shall live forever more with Christ Jesus our Lord, that we shall always declare the name of the only begotten Son of God, the name of Christ Jesus.  In us, we fulfill scriptures, that even unto the  year of 2013, that from that time forward and forever more, we declare and give glory unto the name of our LORD, which is Christ Jesus the Lord.  It is we who shall fulfill this scripture as it is written in Psalm 113.

Remember always my brethrens, that God is not man, and is not flesh and blood, but that through the grace of God, that we now know that God shall have all men to be saved, and especially of those who believe, unto the name of Christ Jesus the Lord, in which all knees shall bow and declare forever more. 

Let us give thanks always to God, for choosing us, and to allow us to know God in truth and in spirit, that in that we know Christ Jesus our Lord, for in that, we are declared unto the world, in which the world at this time, does not know, nor do they believe.  Now, that we believed that we are chosen of God, unto as the Elects of Christ Jesus, that we should now begin to minister unto the people of this world, unto the truth in Christ Jesus, so that we shall fulfill scriptures as it is written, that we may inherit great rewards in the Kingdom of Heaven, unto great works in Christ Jesus, in which shall help many people to believe unto the truth of God, that many shall endure unto the end, when Christ Jesus our Lord returns.

I pray for you all, always, that you will understand and know Christ Jesus our Lord, like I have known and have been made known unto you all, that you shall all do the things that shall make come to pass, as scriptures declare, to give glory unto the name of the LORD.

Remember, and understand this, that we who are the Elects of Christ Jesus are the light that is unto this world, that we shall be a hope of many, that we shall prepare, that we shall even sacrifice our thanksgiving, that we shall lay down our life for another, that we shall help many be saved, that we shall see God.

Remember and know that it is because of the Elects of Christ Jesus, that many people throughout the world shall be saved, that they shall endure unto the end, that because of us, that we must live a life that gives glory unto God, and to have faith and believe, and to do the things that are always pleasing to God, for in this are you revealed, in Christ Jesus our Lord, that our lives shall be as an example for others to see that they may follow thereafter and believe.

Now, as we approach the time when it all begins, let us gather our thoughts unto all that we have been shown and prepare for the things to come.

The time now comes, and it is now, that we begin.

All Glory and Honor and Praises be unto Christ Jesus our Lord.

Grace be with you all.