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According to the grace of God, in which through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, has bestowed upon many to be saved by grace.

Herein now, are the testimony and the confirmation of the days, revealed unto those who are saved through the fore knowledge of Christ Jesus the Lord, unto the last day.

For these days which are revealed are hidden in scriptures, and revealed as signs in the heavens, then so much more are of importance, unto those who understands, so that he to understands will walk according to the will of God, in Christ Jesus.

In this, we understand that without controversy, the last seven years will begin in June 19, 2011, whereupon this wisdom have and shall be confirmed upon many who shall be called.  For this shall be a time, when many shall believe as being the Elects of Christ Jesus, to those who have been called.

I am certain, that through many teaching, and prayers, that we who have been called, will fulfill the promises we have made unto God, in this, our vows, and our sacrifice of thanksgiving shall come to pass, according to scriptures.

Let us then, as one body, in Christ Jesus, be as one voice, without controversy, in order to bring many more unto the knowledge of Christ Jesus return, so that many will be able to prepare and endure, for the sake of many people.

Let us now, therefore confirm and believe unto those days that are spoken thereof, and preach Christ Jesus the Lord, unto the end, to those who shall hear, and for those who shall endure, for all purpose unto the salvation of many, even unto those being saved by grace.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to those who are sealed in Christ Jesus.