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Who was John the Baptist, that we have once thought we understood and know.  For this is truth, that John the Baptist was also the brother of James, the Zebedee children, the son of Mary, which John was born of, also being born blind.

Why is this important to understand, that John was born blind, but that to reveal unto us how John, thus also called Jesus, preached and taught in the Synagogue, that the scribes and Pharisees, wondered to themselves how he never read scriptures, but he taught as understanding all scriptures and with authority. 

This is because when John was born blind, he was unable to see the temptations of the world, the lust and desires of the eyes.  It is because of this, John was able to hear God teach him, and told him the things that he must do.  It is because of this, we can also see the mysteries concerning the anointing of the eyes of the one who was born blind, thus it was speaking concerning this John the Baptist.

When we see this, we can also understand and see that when John's eyes were opened, many people, who saw John as the one who preached that he was the Christ, this being the scribes and Pharisees, believe not, but to others, many believed.

In so, that when John's eyes were opened, that when Christ revealed himself unto John, saying that "you both" have seen him, thus revealing unto us that this blind man, was referring to  John the Baptist.

It is then that John the Baptist begin to worship Christ Jesus, thus writing the Gospel of John, and the many mysteries revealed in his other epistles.

It is because of this, being born blind, this John the Baptist, that we can also see the letters between Pilate and Herod, concerning John the Baptist, that when he was able to see, Herod desired again to blind the eyes of the Righteous, that which was Christ Jesus.

We can see many more mysteries revealed, if we only seek and know God.

All this, by seeking and knowing God in spirit and in truth, everything unfolds and give us great wisdom, so great, that the world knows it not, for even the wise of the world, will be made fools.

But we, who are taught by God, through Christ Jesus, has made us wise with understanding, unto wisdom and knowledge of all things from the beginning unto the end.