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According to the love of God, which is unto the world.

Grace, and love be with you all, and to the Elects of Christ Jesus.

My brethrens, friends, beloved of God, let us always love one another.  In this love we love them for all eternity and to show unto the world that we are made manifest as the Elects of Christ Jesus, that we teach and exhort another in sound doctrine that such one shall believe because we love even unto their souls.

For God has command us to love one another as how God loved us, that he declared of himself in Christ, to take upon a man, and became Christ Jesus our Lord, to be crucified for our sins and of the world, to show unto us this everlasting love, that through this love, grace can be given unto all men, and even to those that oppose God.  For God is love, and in this, he knows everything about us, and declares us precious to God, as to how we should love another, that we must love of such a person, and to declare that person unto God, in Christ Jesus, so that they might be saved. 

In love, we believe and trust in God, and because of love, and because God loves our souls, we have faith in God, for in love there is faith, and through faith, we believe in God.  For God is love, and we all must know God, and we must know love, so that we may have the faith that which is righteousness unto God, by knowing Christ Jesus our Lord.

For we must love in truth and in spirit, and love is declared of truth, and love is declared of spirit, and we declare the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, for in this, we declare the love unto the world, that we will do all that is called of us, as the Elects of Christ Jesus, that we may help save many people because we love their souls, that we desire that no one perish, in so that God sent and declared of himself in Christ Jesus, so that no one shall perish, and all that believes in God, through Christ Jesus the Lord, and even upon Jesus Christ, shall be saved.

Let us understand this love, as in this manifest patience and longsuffering, and enduring mercies, and complete forgiveness.  Let us know that because God is love, that we receive this, that our sins be forgiven of us, that we may be redeemed and saved unto the Kingdom of Heaven, that we may show our love unto God, with all praises and glory unto God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

When we have love, we desire God, because we know love.  For one can only know love, the true love of God, and only through Christ Jesus the Lord.  For when we have this love of God, and when we know and understand love, we shall know all things, for love is all things, and God is all. 

Remember brethrens, and know love, and be conformed into the image of Christ Jesus the Lord, so that we can begin our ministry of love unto the world.

Grace and love be with you all.