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To my brothers in Christ Jesus the Lord, unto the revelation of truth, unto the knowledge of the last days, unto as the Elects of Christ Jesus.

We must prepare for the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation, in which you have understood, concerning the date revealed, so that from this day, we become a witness for many unto the coming of Christ Jesus in 2018.

This preparation will give hope unto many children, unto many people, who have endured, who are precious unto God.  This is the children of God, who have been raised up with faith, who have lived their lives in faith, unto God.  It is these children, raised up in a godly house, that the parents will have suicide and died in the name of Jesus.  For we as the Elects of Christ Jesus are called upon this, to prepare with much needed food and water, to be able to give meat in due season, even unto the very last day, when Christ Jesus returns.

If we open our hearts and understand even so much more, the desolation that shall be in the midst of the tribulation, then we can understand even so much  more, how many people in this world, who without warning, have suffered. 

Therefore, let us warn many, in order that they will not suffer in these last days, so that we can help many endure unto the end, so that when that time comes, we will not deny anyone who needs help, so that we are able to receive others and teach them the truth in Christ Jesus, so that many will believe.

With this foreknowledge, the things ahead of us are great, but the rewards in Christ Jesus are even so much more abound.

Remember always, that there are much to be given, unto the Elects of Christ Jesus, who shall fulfill the Word of God, unto the end.

Therefore, prepare the more earnestly, and begin the preparation now, so many can see and likewise do of the same.

For the hope of the return of Christ Jesus our Lord.