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To understand Psalm 119, we must understand the previous Psalm, more specifically in Psalm 110 through Psalm 118, to believe that they are the prophecies concerning the events prophesied from 2010 to 2018.

When we have believed on such, we can also then perceive that Psalm 119 would, be the year thereafter.

And also be wise and understand that this Psalm is different from all the rest, whereas they are sectioned by the Hebrew alphabet, beginning with the first.  For what does this mean, as one may ask, so therefore we must read carefully and see.

For under Aleph, it is these who has died in the name of Jesus Christ in the midst of the tribulation, for the dead in Christ shall rise up first, for God has declared that they are undefiled in the way, who walk in the law, for they keep his testimonies, and seek him with their whole heart, doing no iniquity.  So therefore, if they were in essence, blameless, but then they were judge, when they shall have learned thy righteous judgments, and thus pleading with God to not forsake them utterly.  So they are the ones who God shall rise up first, and thereafter.

For even unto the next thereafter and many more, these prayers are the ones who are in the Sheol, living by the law, and many times, they are the prayers from the dead, who at many times learned of God righteous  judgment, before they are raised up.

Even more so, that as we continue to Psalm 120, it is called the Song of degrees, whereas the meaning of degrees means the intensity of the heat, thus also, these in Psalm 120 begins the level of judgment.  For top most, are the false prophets, who speaks lies concerning God.  From this, they receive the arrows of the mighty with coals of juniper.

For then, when the degrees increase, as to chapter, the farther in, the deeper, are the ones who are in greater  judgment, and thus, also makes mention of Satan, the morning star, in Psalm 130.

Even more so, as we continue into the Psalms thereafter degrees, we can see the works of God, who shall destroy the darkness, the wickedness, for it shall be no more, written in Psalm 145, then alas, all creation then rejoices unto God as written in the Psalms thereafter.