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According to the grace of God

Grace is the favor that God has bestowed upon us all who believes in God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, in which one begins to know God and to understand and seek him.  It is this grace that our sins are not imputed upon us as it is written in John, that for this judgment I come into the world, that they who cannot see, may see, and those who see might be made blind, so that they who are blind, they would be innocent, so that their sins be not imputed upon them.

It is because of this grace, that one begins to have faith, into trusting God, in such a way that they remains confident on the promises of God, to receive the free gift of everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven, for those who are saved by grace, it is by the gift of God to life, and not by any works, as it is written in Corinthians, that any works that is built upon the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, that such works will be purified through fire, and if any works remains, they will receive a reward, but if not, then at least they shall be saved through fire.

For when one believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, they believes that they will die, and then pass through fire to be saved, and in knowing this, such a place is called the bowels of mercies, spoken of by the Apostle Paul.  They who are in the bowels of mercies are not in torment nor pain, but are only awaiting upon the grace of God, through the knowledge of Christ Jesus the Lord, to receive into everlasting life.

For this is also spoken of by John, where there is a sin that is not unto death, and they who sin a sin, not unto death, and if they ask for life, God shall give it to them.

By this we understand even more so, the grace of God for all mankind.  For all have sinned against God, in that they considered God as a man, but God is no man, and God is not born of the flesh, nor of blood, nor by the will of man, but of God.  In this, we receive grace upon grace for those who have faith in Jesus Christ.

But for we who knows of the truth of God, knows Christ Jesus the Lord, in which we are in no more condemnation against God, and that our sins are forgiven, in so much, that we do not pass through fire to be saved, but we shall live forever with God.  For this truth has only been revealed in these times, because Christ Jesus shall return in 2018.

When we have believed that the name of the only begotten Son of God, is Christ Jesus the Lord, and to know that the Son of God is not born of flesh and blood, but by water and spirit, then we can begin to understand that this truth shall be bestowed upon those who are called the Elects of Christ Jesus.