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To the Elects of Christ Jesus:

We have been given many spiritual blessings from God, and even so other blessings in our lives. 

It is our high calling in Christ Jesus the Lord, that has put us into such a ministry, filled with everlasting righteousness, so that we receive all things needed to fulfill the will of God.

For when we have understood the truth that Christ Jesus was the begotten  Son of God, declared into this world, and not born of the flesh, we are therefore now sealed with the righteousness from God, and to be brought forward and to endure unto the return of Christ Jesus in the last days.

This, being called and sealed as the Elects of Christ Jesus, we are given many wisdom and understanding, and to know the times and day when Christ Jesus returns in 2018.  For the people of this world do persecute us unto the truth, but we must continue to teach and preach the truth to others, so that if there are even another that will believe, we bring forth Glory unto God.

We are given of these truths in the doctrines of godliness, of Grace, of Pilate, of John, and many others, for which we also are revealed the day when war that shall take place in 2010, that being December 12.  For this our eyes are opened, and given understanding,  so that these days that are made mention have already been declared by God, hidden in the scriptures.

When all things have come to pass, as to what God has revealed to us in Christ Jesus, we will then be empowered by the Spirit of God with power.  For it is then that our faith in Christ Jesus shall be made perfect and confident as the Elects of Christ Jesus.  When our faith has been made manifest unto others to witness and see, it is therefore that we are a beacon  of light in this dark world. 

Let us therefore continue in our faith as the Elects of Christ Jesus, so that we shall prepare that which is required to fulfill our destiny, so that we can bring forth many children to the return of Christ Jesus the Lord.

The will of God, unto us Elects are to have charity unto the end.