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Grace, love, and peace be with you all from Christ Jesus our Lord.

My friends, I wish to share with you this truth, so that you can forewarn others of the coming tribulations, and upon the time when Christ Jesus the Lord returns in 2018.

If we count 1260 (3 1/2 years) days from June 19, 2011, month of Sivan, also known as the month of dividing into 3 parts, just as I have revealed about the last beast with 3 horns being broken from the war in the first half of December, 2010.  In America, this day is also known as "Father's Day", as this is concerning pope endorsing the peace treaty.

We then come to December 1, 2014 (Abomination of Desolation), the month of Kislev, also known as "placing a BOW in a CLOUD", also in similarity to the sign of the abomination, this being the virgin idol.

Now if we count 1290 days from December 1, 2014, we reach June 14, 2018 (Armageddon and End of Tribulation), the month of Tamuz, but this time landing on a specific day of Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, a time when destruction of the temple, as in the last battle of armagedon.  This is also, as I have told concerning the end of the tribulation.

Now, Daniel said, that anyone who endures to 1335 days from the midst of the tribulation, that would be a difference of 45 days, counting forward, we reach...July 28, 2018, landing on a very specific holiday called "Shabbat Nachamu", known as "comforting and restoration", like the ultimate redemption.  Daniel said that anyone who endures to that time will be called "Blessed".

Now, if we shift the days one forward or one backward, everything else does not fit the puzzle as this timeline here.

For many people are unaware of these days, is only because many people are unaware of the Hebrew calendar, and thus are unable to associate with the Gregorian calendar.

Herein, I do pray that you will share this wisdom with many people, in order that many can prepare against the coming tribulation, and endure until the end, when Christ Jesus the Lord returns in 2018.

Grace be with you all.