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In order to understand about the end-times prophecies concerning the last 7 years from 2011 until 2018, or better known as “The Tribulation” period, we must understand what is written in the book of “Daniel” concerning the seventy times seven weeks prophecies.

To begin, we must know that we are the “last generation".

It began on May 15, 1948, some say it is on the 14th, when Israel was born again. Even before it, there was only destruction and desolation, but God has a purpose and that purpose is the covenant and promises  of God. This is why, even the tribulations of the Jews, during World War 2, it also has led to the final purpose. To destroy the wicked and melt away the darkness. To redeem His people, to fulfill the perfection and righteousness of God. To that end, the Word of God shall be fulfilled, for this Generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.

When Christ Jesus the Lord was speaking concerning “this generation”, he was speaking of those who was born and living at the time of Israels birth unto the end. For a single birth is one generation for a person, likewise, for a nation of Israels birth, it is one generation unto the people.

For we who are living now, who is born in the time when Israel was born on May 14, 1948, some say the 15th, will have witness many signs, saw many miracles, and even the fulfillment of prophecies, written in the Psalm, concerning the birth of Israel.

When we know that we are the Last Generation, of the seventy years since Israel birth, then we shall also believe and understand that we will endure through the tribulation period, and Christ Jesus the Lord will return immediately after the tribulation of those days, so that we shall be a witness the fulfillment of all things unto the very end. For if those who believe in the doctrine of demons and is deceived believing in a rapture before the coming of Christ Jesus, they will not see the fulfillment of the Word of God, for they will have already taken their own lives. It is those who remain and endure, that the Elects of Christ Jesus, shall see and be a witness unto the fulfillment of the Word of God.

To begin, as concerning this Tribulation summary, we begin with the year 2010. In this year, in 2010, a war will take place between Israel and the Arab nations, and you will witness 3 horns that shall be broken by the antichrist, and his small horn will rise up in its place. The antichrist shall war with the 3 kings, to subdue it and save Israel from destruction. For this purpose, many Jews and many people will be deceived thinking that he is the messiah because he brought peace. All of this shall be fulfilled as it is written in the Book of Daniel concerning the seventy times seven prophecies. Therefore, we who are living in this last generation who endure unto the end, shall witness all the things to come.

Therefore, because of this war in 2010, the pope shall make a peace covenant between Israel and the surrounding nations Arab nations in 2011 for 7 years. Since the beginning in times past, there has never been any covenant of peace between Israel and the Arab nations. Since the beginning, it has always been war between Israel and the Arabs. And because of the war, when this pope endorse  this peace covenant for 7 years, and is accepted because of this “war”, many will be deceived thinking he is a god, or the messiah.

This covenant which shall be made be for 7 years from 2011 to 2018. In the midst of the 7 years, the treaty shall be broken, and the abomination that cause desolation will take place, and we shall be a witness thereof. We shall witness the Word of God being fulfilled written in Daniel. It is from that time onwards, how we must choose, if we die like the rest, or endure unto the end.   We must, from this point onward believe in the truth of Christ Jesus. We must believe in the Truth concerning God, knowing these things, being the Elects of Christ Jesus, being faithful unto God, to the very end for all eternity. Do not go after doctrines of demons which speaks of a rapture before the Second Coming of Christ Jesus the Lord written in the last book.